Testimonials - "What They Say"

      "For over a decade we have worked with Linda Johnson on a wide range of projects for our business. We are very pleased with her creativity, range of skills and the results. Everywhere we look, we can see her input, from our outdoor signage to indoor posters, employee clothing and magnetic truck signs. She has really made a difference in our branding visibility. She also got us involved in some local business organizations, like Think Local First - so APPI comes first to mind to potential customers."

Betty Roddick, CEO of APPI Pool and Spas


a Family Business since 1971

     "I had wanted to expand the reach and capabilities of my Stick Stretching Seminars in Northern CA. With Linda's knowledge of the Santa Cruz and Bay area events and communities I have been able to explore many more venues, such as East West Bookstore, The Awareness Network, and the New Living Expo. Thank You Linda for all the assistance you have provided in this endeavor."

Arthur Faygenholtz, D.C.

Founder of Stick Yoga, Stick Rx and Stick Stretching Methods


      "I am a family business coach. Linda has been a wonderful help in reviewing my business processes. Her energy, focus and creativity have been a great inspiration - especially with her assistance in setting up methods to prospect for new business!"

Karen Calcagno, CPCC with Advantage Coaching


    "Linda, you are the best Sales Coach, we need people like you. I will Practice Practice and will be a Pro soon in talking to people about my business. Your follow up is bar none and thanks for all the tips, newsletters and sales stuff. It's all being put to good use."

Kelly Uttic, Joy4Sports


     "We were able to develop an attractive brochure and expand our business vision with Linda’s knowledge of marketing and business development. Linda is a high energy and enthusiastic coach. She’s very supportive and encouraging. Her ability to see possibilities provided us with many contacts and suggestions for marketing."

Eunice LeMay & Jane Schwamberger,

Partners in Papilio Publishing and authors of

"Listen Up! How to Communicate Effectively at

Work" www.PapilioPublishing.com

     "Linda Johnson taught me valuable outcome based business and marketing principles that helped me double my client base and create a successful multi-stream income. She helped me assess both my business needs and my personal style so that together we designed a long-term plan that fits for me. I so appreciate her enthusiastic encouragement. Linda's voice stays with me in all my decisions".

Ameena K. Gier, M.A.

Living Step By Step "getting more of what you


      “My feet were really held to the fire when I worked with Linda. She helped me accomplish what I was striving for in my business. I want to refer other people to her, so she can assist them in growing their businesses, too! I have never been busier!"

"by Jill", Designer    www.byjill.com